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Leatherwood Puppies
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 27 reviews
 by Katelyn
Still in love

I brought home a cavapoo from Lynn's first litter of this breed almost two and a half years ago (May 2021). My Willow is so smart and sweet. An absolute favorite at the dog park due to her temperament. She was so easy to house train and continues to learn new tricks quickly. She hardly barks. I am still in love with my little girl. She crate trained well until the night before my grandma passed. She wouldn't settle so to get some sleep I brought her to bed with me. She was there cuddling with me when I got the news the next morning. I don't know how she knew, but she has been the best dog I could have asked for. She functions as my emotional support animal, and with her I've been able to decrease my meds and still function well.

Lynn knows what he's doing when he breeds and cares for his dogs. If I was in a position to get another dog, I'd get it from Lynn. When I discovered him, I was able to set up a meet and greet to choose a dog the next day and he worked with me over the next few weeks leading up to me taking her home. Lynn was super accommodating and kept me up to date on Willow with pictures while I waited to take her home.

I recommend Leatherwood to anyone I meet who is considering a cavapoo because of the success I've had with my sweet girl. She is amazing and I am so grateful to Lynn for her.

 by Tina
Charlie & Sadie

Follow up to my sister Jaqueline’s post, Charlie & Sadie are now 6 months old and doing great! They are super sweet puppies, very loving and playful. At 6 months Charlie weighs about 10lbs and is eating 2/3 cup of food twice daily. My daughter is college pre-vet (senior year), working in an animal hospital and says he is in ideal health. Highly recommend Leatherwood & Lynn!!

 by Jacqueline
Sadie and Charlie

My sister and I adopted sibling Cavapoo’s from Lynn. I adopted ( Abby and my sister Cashew). We picked up our babies in May 2023. After having them for almost two months I can say we are pleased. They are loving, playful and I feel very trainable. Our vets report they are healthy and growing as they should. I feel Lynn made sure we had everything we needed before we left. He even made sure we had some of the food they were on. He gave us a family history and registration papers. The microchip tag worked once registered. I feel we made a good choice getting our puppies from him

 by Summer D.
Second Cavachon puppy

This is our second Cavachon puppy to adopt from Lynn. We adopted "Winston" now Ollie in Feb 2023. He came home to his brother, also adopted from Lynn, "Arlo" now Archer 3 yrs old. They are just perfect, so pretty and sweet. I just love them both! They have opposite personalities and Ollie keeps Archer up and busy and that's a good thing! If we decide to adopt a girl we will be right back here adopting with Lynn.

 by Nesha
We are obsessed!

We love our Cavachon! Her name was Alexis, but we call her Toki now. She has such a quirky and adventurous personality which compliments my partner and I so well. She is a stage 5 clinger for love, which we enjoy giving her! She is extremely spoiled. She’s so incredibly smart & learns tricks quickly! I would recommend Leatherwood Pups to anyone interested in adding some fluff to the family roster. You will be so glad you did!

 by Eugina
Angel Puppy

I am so thankful to Lynn for breeding and raising my Cavachon puppy Alex (who is now named Latte). Latte is such an angel. It's as if he came potty trained and socialized. He is not afraid of anything, but also not too daring that he acts out on his own. He truly lives up to the stereotype of his breed, a gentle and smart puppy, easy to train, and eager to learn. He is so lovable, and I am so glad I decided to bring Latte home. Thank you, Lynn! Whatever you are doing is working and has allowed Latte to live his best, full life.

 by Jenita G.
Best breeder ever

Lynn is truly the best breeder we have ever worked with. He was great communicating with us from the beginning and we have the cutest and sweetest little Cavachon puppy ever. Lynn covers all the details, answered all our questions, and gave us info we didn’t even to know that we needed to know. It is obvious that he truly cares about his dogs and puppies, and it is obvious that his pups are part of his family and grandchildren. We named our puppy “Pooh Bear” because he just looks like a little bear and has the sweetest personality. We have had him for two months and he is now about 4 months old. We are still thinking about getting another one from Lynn. Highly recommend him as a breeder.

 by Lisa

We adopted Boomer from Lynn. It was a great experience. I raised and showed and bred Chihuahuas for 10 years and was super particular where my pups went. I was very impressed with communication, the temperament of Boomer and the overall experience with Lynn. I would highly recommend him and one of his puppies and I don’t say that lightly.

 by Jerri H.
The best experience!

I adopted a handsome little Cavapoo named Jaxson today I had the best experience getting a puppy from Lynn with Leatherwood puppies! Lynn communicated with me the whole time sending me updated photos of my little guy and answering any questions I had. We drove 3 1/2 hours to pick him up and Lynn was so nice and you can definitely tell he cares for and loves his dogs. Thank you so much Lynn for giving us this adorable and sweet baby boy! I will definitely get another puppy from leatherwood puppies in the future if we get another puppy. 5 star rating!! I definitely recommend!!

 by Anna

I adopted Peach (formerly Penny) the Cavalier King Charles about 7 months ago. She is nearly 10 months old, & she is the most fabulous puppy. Lynn is the nicest guy to work with, & he really went out of his way to help me with my schedule. I drove nearly 8 hours to pick her up, & she was immediately such a wonderful dog. It is obvious that Lynn really takes care of & socializes his pups. Peach is perfectly healthy. I take her everywhere with me & receive endless compliments on how gorgeous she is. When I eventually get another puppy, I am absolutely coming back to Lynn. I can't thank him enough for providing such wonderful service & for giving me my best friend.

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