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Leatherwood Puppies breeds premium Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Cavachon and Cavapoo puppies.

We’re located in Mountain Grove Missouri, a place in the Ozark Mountains where there is a slower pace of life, one where our puppies and our children can have plenty of clear air and green grass to grow up on.

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We are hobby breeders, and love raising our girls around our dogs – they can’t wait for new litters of adorable little puppies! Click here to learn more about us.

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All of our Parent Dogs are tested for genetic health

We started health testing our adult dogs several years ago. We started with breed specific problems, and now have started back through each dog. This testing is very expensive, but we are continually testing, and updating, our certifications. Click Here for more information about the genetic testing we have conducted.

About Leatherwood Puppies

We are a Christian family, and live in the Ozarks in southern Missouri. We like the country living where the pace of life is slower. I was self employed for several years. After some minor health problems I was looking for something that would get me off my feet. I had a friend that was raising Cavaliers. I fell in love with the breed. Around 2009 I bought my first two Cavaliers. Our first litter was soon to follow. We now keep around 10-12 breeding age females.

We love showing our dogs. We are always working with a dog getting ready for a dog show. We love almost anything outside. Some of our favorite things to do are hunting, fishing, and riding 4×4 on Ozark trails, and of course hanging out with our dogs. Our girls can’t wait to see the new litters of puppies.

We also enjoy raising watermelons. We grow several hundred every year. If you are picking up a puppy in late summer you will most likely take home a couple of melons.

If you are looking for your next best friend and would love to have a Cavapoo puppy, Cavachon puppy or a Cavalier puppy join your family, please remember Leatherwood Puppies.

All of our Puppies

Made In the USA

Some of Leatherwood Puppies’ Champions

Feel free to explore the rest of our site and get to know us and our puppies a little better. Remember, don’t be afraid to Contact Us – we’d love to hear from you!

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